Man Dubbed The ‘Romeo Of Rimini’ After Sleeping With 6,000 Women Dies During Sex At Age 63

Maurizio Zanfanti, aka the ‘Romeo of Rimini’, was a nightclub promoter in the small Italian beach city. Over the course of his career in Rimini’s nightlife scene, he is said to have slept with over 6,000 women. 

This past Tuesday, the sixty-three-year-old was sleeping with a 23-year-old tourist when he suffered a fatal heart attack. Paramedics arrived on the scene but it was too late to revive him.

According to the Daily Mail

“Zanfanti spent his winters in Scandinavia working for tourist agencies.” 

“His exploits became so famous that some of his lovers erected a wax statue of him in a Swedish town.” 

“In 1986, Italian newspaper L’Espresso named Zanfanti ‘Italy’s most successful lover’.”

“In his final interview with German newspaper BILD in 2014, he announced his retirement and said:  ‘At 59, I’m getting too old for it’.”

Clearly he wasn’t.

Once the news hit the internet, the jokes were unavoidable…

But most were just disturbed to discover that even their grandparents enjoy getting frisky…

Well, if you’re gonna go, there are certainly worse ways. 

Rest In Peace Maurizio.

H/T: Daily Mail, Twitter