Sophie Turner’s New ‘Dark Phoenix’ X-Men Trailer Is Setting Twitter On Fire

X Men: Dark Phoenix isn’t out until next year, but the trailer already has people freaking out.

Sophie Turner will star as Jean Grey and, after Grey’s fall from grace, as Phoenix. James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence return as Professor X and Mystique.

While the trailer promises a film full of the fire and destruction imperative for any action movie, it looks like Dark Phoenix will hae a fair share of heart too. The trailer shows Jean Grey as a young girl, with Professor X assuring her she is not broken. It looks like there will be as many tears as thrills in the upcoming film. 

Twitter couldn’t handle the trailer.

Fans were all the more frustrated when the release date was pushed back until June.

But if the trailer is any indication, X Men: Dark Phoenix will be well worth the wait.

H/T: C-Net, The Verge