A GOP Congressman’s Facebook Page Shared A Disparaging Meme Of Christine Blasey Ford

Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa is no stranger to controversy. 

The conservative firebrand has amplified the message of white supremacists and bigots throughout his career. Now he’s embroiled in controversy for a new reason. 

This past Wednesday, this meme was posted to Rep. Steve King’s official verified Facebook page.

Of course, the woman on the left is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified to congress this past Thursday about the alleged attempted rape by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when she was only fifteen.

On the right is Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. The latter is a favorite punching bag of conservatives, who have alleged ridiculous and unsubstantiated vast left-wing conspiracies controlled by the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. 

In the center, the meme reads “I knew it!” 

The implication is that Dr. Blasey Ford is part of some left-wing conspiracy to smear Brett Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, Blasey Ford’s family has already received death threats

She has had to leave her house. And she has had to relive trauma on national television. 

Not to mention the woefully low rate at which women are believed when reporting sexual assault. Which is why it is one of the most underreported crimes. Even the President admitted that Blasey Ford’s testimony was ‘credible.’

People decided to use King’s poor choice as an opportunity to uplift King’s midterm election Democratic challenger, J.D. Scholten.

Scholten is within six points of King in the latest polls. King won his district by over 20 points in his last election.

Others had harsh words for the Republican Congressman.

But most were unsurprised by King’s post.

Well, there is only one effective way to make change. 

Vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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