Jenna Jameson’s Struggle With Loose Skin After Her Huge Weight Loss Resonates With Many Women

Jenna Jameson’s motherhood story is one tons of women can relate to. 

She had her twins nine years ago and thought she was done, but life changes and Jenna and her partner found themselves wanting a little one. 

Fertility didn’t come easily this time around, so they turned to IVF treatments. Those treatments ended up blessing the couple with a gorgeous (and ridiculously fashionable) daughter named Batel Lu. 

Little Batel wasn’t the only thing that came from those IVF treatments. The constant hormone injections plus pregnancy caused the normally very slender Jenna to gain close to 100 lbs. 

When she went into labor she weighed over 200 lbs. 

For Jenna Jameson, that was uncomfortably large. She was honest with her Instagram followers and explained that she expected the weight to fall off during her time breastfeeding Batel. 

For many women it does, but Jenna wasn’t one of them. 

After labor and months of breastfeeding, Jenna had lost less than 20 lbs. She took her time addressing the need to lose weight, with good reason. 

As many know, she struggled with addiction and mental health problems throughout her life and she wanted to be sure she could do this in a way healthy for her body, mind and soul. 

Because Batel—and all of Jenna’s children—needed and deserved the best Mommy they could have in Jenna.

When she was ready, she tackled weight loss like a champ. 

Jenna hit the gym, adjusted her diet and fought hard. By the time Batel was 17 months old, Jenna was back to the 120s range that she was comfortable with. 

The before and after pics were stunning.

Losing the weight was a battle Jenna won—but even that came with a cost. 

As many who have lost significant amounts of weight will tell you, you can lose the fat, but your skin won’t always cooperate the way you want it to. Loose skin is a common issue for people who undergo extreme weight loss. 

Just like with every other step along the way, Jenna has been open with her followers. You can see the loose skin in some of her posts. 

Like this one, where she’s got tiny tummy wrinkles.

And this one, where she specifically talks about the loose skin on her thighs and how she’s just trying to make the best of it. 

That second picture sparked some controversy. 

Some people actually told her that she had no right to feel uncomfortable with her loose skin because she didn’t have “that much” of it. They pointed her to other blogs where people had lost hundreds of pounds so she could see “real” loose skin. 

Jenna was not about to let anyone dismiss her feelings, though. 

But most of Jenna’s fans were supportive and encouraging. 

Jenna being so open with her journey has inspired many people facing the same challenges.

Kudos to her for sharing her personal struggles with the world. 

H/T: People, Instagram, CafeMom