Lady Gaga Shares Her First Celebrity Crush And We’re Totally Here For It

Every celeb was just a regular person before they got famous.

And like all of us normies, they had celebrity crushes of their own. 

Lady Gaga sat with Ellen to talk about Gaga’s new film A Star Is Born. When the ladies sat down to run a segment of Ellen’s Burning Questions, things got interesting. 

One of the questions that came up was about first celebrity crushes. 

Ellen admitted that hers was actually the king of pop, Michael Jackson. See, we told you celebs were just like us!

Michael Jackson was a first celebrity crush for millions. 

Gaga’s response, though, was a little less expected. 

Her response was a man lovingly described as “weird-hot”… 

…Adrien Brody.

Brody is known for going to extremes for his roles.

So we don’t know if Gaga meant rail thin Adrien Brody like in The Pianist. That tends to be what we think of when we think Adrien Brody, after all.

It’s very possible she meant muscular Adrien Brody like when he bulked up for his role in Predators.

That’s an entirely different Adrien. 

Knowing Gaga, though, Adrien’s ability to go to those extremes and his commitment to his work are part of his appeal. 

So let’s just say she is into all of the many incarnations of Adrien since he’s got almost as many as Gaga herself does. 

Word of Gaga’s crush got around to Adrien and he responded in the cutest way.

Brody took to Instagram…

Twitter is all about this. 


All of it.

H/T: People, Twitter, Instagram