All Of The World’s Most Beautiful Places Are Actually In Illinois, Twitter Account Claims ????

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget what the internet was intended for. With all the politics and slur-generating going around, it slips from our mind the real reason we’re all here:

To make absurd things and laugh about them together.

Example? A Twitter account dedicated to showing you the best that Illinois, our nation’s Prairie State, has to offer.

The twist?

Apparently Illinois went and got itself everything great without anyone realizing it.

No, you’re not reading that wrong.

Sidney, Illinois.

Twitter account, @IllinoisViews, is dedicated to showing the world the best spots to visit when you’re in Illinois. What the, as-of writing, unknown creators of the page fail to mention is that none of these spots are actually in Illinois. Rather, they’re real places all over the world just being attributed to the nation’s 21st state.

Who are any of us to deny that Illinois doesn’t have lush, beautiful mountains alongside the largest catsup bottle in the world?

Have you been to Illinois to say otherwise?

The account, though clearly a parody, regularly gets likes and retweets in the high hundreds, up to the thousands. All for bringing a much-needed sense of humor back to the internet, especially after a week like this one.

Followers, admirers, and residents of Illinois were quick to share their enthusiasm for all this amazing state has to offer.

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H/T: Twitter, Mashable