UK Fans Stay Up All Night To See Live MMA Fight—Get Treated To Some ‘Peppa Pig’ Instead 😂

It was supposed to be an action packed night of fights for UK MMA fans, many of whom had stayed up until the wee morning hours to catch the main event of Bellator 206, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, at 6am, just as the main event was about to start, fans were treated to an episode of Peppa Pig!

Sleepy fans across the UK were not happy. 

Live broadcasts of Bellator cards are a rare event for UK fans, which made the early morning time slot worth it for many looking to catch the main event between Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald.

But pacing issues and a last minute addition to the line up meant the broadcast ran over it’s time. Under UK laws,  that wasn’t option.

Fans who had gotten up early or stayed up all night we’re fuming over the blunder.

Fortunately though, it was at least a good episode of Peppa Pig.

In a post-fight press conference, Bellator officials explained what went wrong. 

For free-to-air television like Channel 5, the UK government imposes certain restrictions.

Bellator senior vice president David Schwartz addressed fans, saying “It’s government regulation that at 6 a.m. that content was not suitable  so they had to switch to children’s programming.”

Part of the blame still lies with Bellator.  Along with pacing issues Bellator added a fight between Gaston Bolanos and Ysidro Gutierrez at the last minute.

“We tried to overdeliver for the fans and we just went over,” Schwartz explained.  “It’s an unfortunate situation.”

Bellator president Scott Coker vowed to make it up to fans, promising a replay of the event.


Many fans though weren’t interested in a replay or excuses from Bellator. Considering both Channel 5 and Bellator are both owned by Viacom, fans felt blame for the disorganized mess lied with them.  

Despite the incident though, most fans were still able to catch the most important fight of the night.

H/T – Twitter, Bloody Elbow