Mother Of Newborn Fires Black Nanny She’d Just Hired After Accidentally Sending Her A Racist Text

According to the New York Post, a Manhattan financier and his wife hired a nanny for their new baby — sight unseen — and now they’re being sued.

Giselle Maurice, a 44-year-old experienced child caretaker and African American woman, showed up for her first day on the job back in 2016 at the home of Joel Plasco and Lynsey Plasco-Flaxman, a Tribeca couple and parents of two.

That’s when things went awry: 

Plasco-Flaxman, apparently unnerved by the new nanny, tried to send a text message to her husband:


Instead, that text went to the new nanny Maurice — TWICE.

When she finally realized that she’d outed her discriminatory ways to Maurice, Plasco-Flaxman immediately terminated the child care worker, saying she felt “uncomfortable.”

Her excuse, according to the Post

She said that their outgoing nanny was African-American and had done a bad job — and that they were expecting a Filipino.

Folks on Twitter responded to the Plascos’ ridiculous explanation:

The Plascos maintain they are “not racists” and don’t owe the nanny any money because there was no contract. The couple called the suit “extortion.”

And, of course, her husband says she didn’t mean it:

Some questioned how concerned a mother could be if she hired a nanny without ever meeting her first:

And playing the victim card didn’t seem to be going over well online for the Plascos, either:

And then there was this comment: “…they’re known for their ability to care for children.” This is 2018, people.

The Post says Maurice: 

  . . . is suing the couple for discrimination and seeking compensation for wages she says she was promised — $350-a-day for a six-month live-in gig.

Maybe the Plascos just needed a little help with the definition of racist:

Here’s some decent advice:

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