Playwright’s Response To His Play Being Called A ‘Black Play’ Has The Internet Applauding

Arinze Kene, an English playwright, appeared on the U.K.’s Channel 4 News to discuss his latest play, Misty. The story centers on a young black man living in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in London, and people are calling it “the second black play” to ever be performed on the West End.

However, in this interview, Kene pushes back on this simply and succinctly…

“I don’t know what a ‘black play’ is. I mean would you call Hamlet a ‘white play?’ I don’t know if you would.  I don’t know what makes a ‘black play’ a ‘black play.’ This is a play about London.”

But the interviewer persists, saying…

“But if it’s about a black person, and it’s by a black person, and it’s put on by black people, does that make it a black production?”

To which Kene once again explains…

“My counter would be, if it is written by a white person, and if it’s directed by white people and put on by white people, is that a white production. I don’t know. I wouldn’t call it one.”

The full interview can be seen below…

People were here for what Arinze Kene had to say:

Many had kind words for the play itself.

Some blasted the interviewer for the question:

Though one felt that the premise was intentionally set up by the interviewer for Kene to tear it down.

Regardless of why the question was asked, Arinze Kene makes a salient point.

H/T: The Independent, Twitter