Trump Tells Crowd He ‘Fell In Love’ With Kim Jong-Un After Exchanging ‘Beautiful’ Letters ????

On Saturday, September 29, President Trump claimed he was in love with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un at a rally in Wheeling, West Virginia.

To be fair, this was most likely an example of the President’s trademark exaggeration (see: blatant disregard for truth), but, no matter the context, statements like these from the U.S. President are absolutely chilling:

Saying he “likes,” the dictator (who routinely kills his own citizens with executions both public and secret), Trump described how the two enemies who once hurled insults like “dotard” and “rocket man” at each other on Twitter became…something much different:

And then we fell in love, okay. No really. He wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters. We fell in love.

This will be a love story for the ages…

Though Trump’s words were strange, the crowd’s reaction was even stranger: they loved it.

Trump’s fans in the crowd don’t seem to have a concrete handle on Kim Jong-Un’s crimes against humanity, nor on the actual status of current events in the world. The President repeatedly insists his positive relationship with Kim has halted their nuclear program, but on the very same day as Trump’s remarks, North Korea’s foreign minister commented there is “no way we will denuclearize” unless the U.S. makes some major concessions.

Even our own government disagrees with Trump’s assessment of North Korea. According to Reuters, “three senior U.S. officials said that no discernible progress had been made toward serious talks on eliminating Kim’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.”

Also, and this is important to point out, Trump’s comments are simply bizarre.

This is far from the first time Trump has shown interest in how totalitarians handle things.

Even conservatives thought the President went a bit far.

Time will tell whether Trump and Kim manage to plan a second summit and, if it happens, whether any actual substantive policy is worked out or whether, like last time, the meeting is a largely useless event for the benefit of TV cameras.

H/T – Huffpost, Twitter