Guy Tries To Take Family Photo Using Drone—And Crashes It Hard Into A Woman’s Face 😖

With new technologies comes unexpected dangers… like getting hit in the face with a drone!

An unidentified family reunion photographer meant well when he sent his drone out to take a video of the large gathering, but things took an awkward turn when he lost control of the aerial unit.

Video from the drone shows a rather quick descent toward the group before slamming into a woman’s face. 

DailyMail initially reported on this incident, claiming that the woman wasn’t injured in the collision, meaning it’s quite alright to laugh..,.in fact, it’s hard not to.

It’s a humorous train wreck that gives an entirely new meaning to “photobomb.”

Or maybe it’s something more sinister than an untrained drone pilot?

Though the whole ramming into the face of a family member may be an isolated incident, using drones to capture large reunion photos certainly is not.

Twitter users have been showing off their drone skills at family reunions for quite a while.

It’s safe to say many of these pilots are quite a bit better than the man that almost took out his relative.

There was even a story from February 2017 of a Chinese family gathering that used a drone to capture all 500 attendees in an image.

As for this mess of a situation, the accident wasn’t enough to deter the pilot, who’s conveniently sitting at the edge of the crowd out of harm’s way. He immediately relaunches the remote-controlled drone, apparently confident in his ability to avoid faces the second time around.

Where the reunion was taking place and who was piloting the drone is still a mystery, though DailyMail states the footage was shot in the United States.

Metro, however, notes that license plates caught on the video appear to be European-style.

One thing is certain: we all know who won’t be invited back to next year’s family gathering. That’s right, the kamikaze drone!