New Map Reveals The Most Popular Animated Sitcom In Each State

On September 30th, The Simpsons celebrated the premiere of the 30th season. The show has already officially been dubbed the longest-running scripted primetime show on TV.

People are thrilled to see the show reach this milestone.

But 30 seasons is not the show’s only impressive achievement. The fact that this long-running hit show is animated and geared toward viewers over the age of 18 is also quite interesting.

Since The Simpsonsinception in 1939, American television has seen a surge in adult-centric cartoons.

Famous animated series of today include South Park, Family Guy, and Archer.

Because of the variety in programming, the Data Team at All Home Connections decided it might be fun to find out the most popular adult cartoons in each state.

Analysts took a list of the top 15 animated sitcoms and cross referenced the list with Google Trends to find each state’s most searched show.

Check out their results below.

People are loving the results of this unexpected survey.

But lots of people are confused at Utah’s result .

Does your favorite cartoon match your state?

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