The Woman Who Inspired Buddy Holly’s Hit Song ‘Peggy Sue’ Has Died At Age 78

The woman who inspired the iconic early rock-and-roll classic “Peggy Sue” has died. She was 78 and passed on Monday.

Peggy Sue Gerron was the real-life inspiration for Buddy Holly’s 1957 hit “Peggy Sue.” She met Holly while she was still a high school student attending his alma mater, Lubbock High, in Texas, and went on to marry the drummer for the Crickets, Jerry Allison.

There are a few versions of the story of exactly how she became the classic song’s namesake, according to Rolling Stone

But what is certain is how deeply her loss is being felt:

Holly’s classic went on to inspire others to name their children Peggy Sue.

Such was the case with this Twitter user:

The song’s ubiquitous presence in American culture almost guarantees everyone’s heard it—even if it was from a reference in Quantum Leap:

Gerron was also known for being the first licensed woman plumber in California:

Being immortalized in the annals of rock and roll history seems to have been something Gerron treasured. 

In this 1993 interview from BBC Arena’s Tales of Rock ‘N’ Roll series, she describes hearing the song for the first time live and being shocked and “extremely pleased”:

Twitter user Gina Chev commented about how she felt the first time she heard Bon Jovi sing her name in a song:

More love:

If you want to learn more about Peggy Sue Gerron, check out her 2008 memoir, Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue? 

H/T: Rolling Stone, Twitter