British TV Host Accidentally Knocks Her Sailor Assistant Into A River In Hilarious Viral Video 😂

We’ve all been there: you’re at work, everything’s going exactly as planned, and then one one fateful moment arrives and everything just goes sideways. 

And for one British TV host, “sideways” was literal.

Alison Hammond is a beloved TV personality in the UK who first came on the scene as a contestant on the British version of Big Brother, back in 2002. She’s usually an entertainment reporter for the British network ITV, and her recent interview with Bradley Cooper was making headlines for its hilarious antics… until yesterday, that is.

For its 30th anniversary, ITV’s daily news show This Morning brought back its once-iconic floating weather map—a sort of platform in the shape of the British Isles that floats in the River Mersey near Liverpool, on which a presenter stands, moving around the map as they give details of the weather throughout the UK. Easy enough!

Yesterday, ITV enlisted Hammond to give the weather report atop the floating map. Helped along by two shirtless “sailor” assistants, Alison enlisted their help to “jump the Irish Sea”—to hop from one section of the floating map to another—an endeavor that went perfectly fine!

Until… well, it didn’t:

Losing her footing, Hammond accidentally shoved one of her sailors directly into the River Mersey on live national television.

Back in the studio, anchors Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield could barely believe their eyes, both yelping in shock before dissolving into hysterics.

After apologizing to the sailor—and retrieving him from the water of course—Hammond gamely quipped, “Well as you can see it’s very wet in Northern Ireland,” referring to the location on the map where the drenched sailor was standing, before yelling, “Get a towel! Oh my God I’m so embarrassed, I’m all flustered!” She then soldiered on with the weather in true British fashion.

Afterward, the anchors could barely believe their eyes.

“What did you do?!” Holly asked.

“She pushed him in!” Phillip jokingly exclaimed as Hammond made sure the sailor was okay.

Much like the ITV anchors, social media folk reacted with a mix of hysterics, bewilderment and adoration for Hammond herself:

And while many presumed the debacle was staged, everyone had to admit it was hilarious regardless:

And that Hammond is a national treasure:

All hail the UK’s new queen of TV! Long may she reign!

H/T BBC, The Daily Mail