People Are Suddenly Creeped Out By ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’–And Now We Are, Too

A New Yorker article that takes an in-depth peek into the world of Thomas the Tank Engine has people questioning everything they thought they knew about the beloved children’s stories.

Let’s explore the not-so-magical land of Thomas and his so-called “friends.”

The hilarious piece opens our eyes to the traumatic experiences and twisted behavior of the show’s characters, in what was supposed to be a magical land where trains were happy and alive.

Like that time a train was ripped in half by another train:

Or the time when they blocked Henry away for life:

Another character, Smudger, also received a cruel death sentence:

Check out these trains’ faces right next to a train graveyard:

The article took us back to our childhoods, maybe not in the best way:

Do you remember Thomas the Train Engine a bit differently now?

H/T: Twitter