Mom Hand-Crocheted A ‘Predator’ Costume For Her 6-Year-Old—And We’re Obsessed

Stephanie Pokorny, from Cleveland, Ohio, might just be the coolest mom ever. Pokorny, who has a Twitter account going by @crochetverse, made a brilliant Predator Halloween costume for her six-year-old son, and to top it off she crocheted the whole thing! 

This is not Pokorny’s first amazing costume. Her Instagram account is filled with neat DIY projects.

But it was the Predator costume that caught Twitter’s attention. So much so, she may have picked up another kid. 

She really does sound like a great mom. 

People love her craft. 

So scary!

Someone is going to get all the best candy!

H/T: Nerdist, LaughingSquid