Republican Senator Hides In Men’s Bathroom To Evade Sexual Assault Survivors At Airport

These days, it seems no Republican lawmaker is safe from the questions and concerns surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Last week, it was Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake who was confronted in an elevator by two sexual-assault survivors. After listening to the women, Flake reconsidered his position, deciding to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote until the FBI concluded a limited, weeklong investigation into the current allegations.

Other lawmakers, however, don’t seem eager to listen to their constituents.

On Monday, Sen David Perdue was confronted at Ronald Reagan National airport by three women asking why he supported Brett Kavanaugh, but the Georgia senator wasn’t taking questions, and ducked into a bathroom to hide.

Video of the encounter shows the three women,  sexual-assault survivors Patti Serrano and Jennifer Epps-Addison and Arizona State Representative Isela Blanc, confront Perdue with questions about Kavanaugh, the confirmation vote, and the millions of women who have come forward to speak about their experiences of sexual assault.

“You don’t feel like you have to answer any questions to people who have come out about their sexual assaults?” one of the women asked. Apparently that’s exactly how Perdue felt.

Riding down an escalator Perdue ignored the women’s questions, only saying “Don’t touch me” when one tried to shake his hand. Perdue then ducked into a nearby men’s room.

“How can you ignore our pleas? You have to exit at some point.”

Shouting into the bathroom, Representative Blanc kept after Perdue saying, “You represent not just your state’s choice, but every American in this country, and every person that is vulnerable. This is a legacy, and a moment in history that will not be forgotten.”

As Perdue ran into the bathroom to hide, people couldn’t help but notice the irony  

And as far as voters were concerned, these were not the actions of a man they wanted representing them

Perdue wasn’t the only one to be confronted by voters though. Sen. Mitch McConnell was similarly approached on his way through the airport, and much like Perdue, chose to ignore the women asking him questions. 

Republican lawmakers can be sure though, that while the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh still hangs in the balance, the confrontations will continue, especially if voters feel it’s the only time they’re being heard. 

H/T – The Cut, Business Insider