How A Simple Google Search Led To The Biggest Break In The Trump Tax Fraud Story ????

On Tuesday, October 2, The New York Times published a bombshell report claiming that President Donald Trump, who has long touted his reputation as a self-made billionaire and brilliant businessman, allegedly received hundreds of millions of dollars from his father Fred Trump through a series of shell companies meant to help the Trumps dodge taxes.

In a separate article, the Times laid out exactly how they tracked Trump’s finances to write their story. One of the biggest twists of their investigation, however, centered around a strange company called All County Building Supply & Maintenance. What was it? Who owned it? Why was it making donations to the president’s sister Maryanne Trump, a judge?

Reporters were stumped until one of them tried the same thing any of us would: Googling the problem.

A central finding of the story began to emerge in April 2017, when Ms. Craig had been Google searching an arcane term the group was interested in — “mortgage receivable,” which the Trumps used to describe the mortgages from the children to Fred — paired with the last name “Trump.” She found the disclosure form that the president’s sister Maryanne, a federal judge, had filed related to her Senate confirmation hearing. Unlike the many she filed during her years on the bench, this one was not redacted. In that document, Ms. Craig noticed a $1 million contribution from an obscure family-owned company: All County Building Supply & Maintenance.

The company set off some huge alarm bells with Ms. Craig:

“‘What the heck?’” Ms. Craig remembered thinking. “That was the first inkling we had that, hey, there’s something to do with this company that we need to figure out.”

It turns out the company was a company created by the Trumps, and owned by the Trump children specifically. To pass money to his children tax-free, Fred Trump would hire “All County Building Supply & Maintenance” to do repairs on his buildings, and pay an inflated rate. Then, the Trump children would pay their workers the standard rate, pocketing the difference. Fred Trump then used the repairs to “justify raising rents,” making him more money.

Americans are understandably outraged… though few are surprised that Trump’s wealth has such corrupt origins.

The Times report revealed many ways Fred Trump avoided “estate and gift taxes,” but the All County scoop is perhaps the most obvious and shocking revelations, all thanks to a Google search! It turns out there’s no better investigator than the internet’s most powerful search engine, and Twitter couldn’t be more grateful!

Watch your back, Mr. President…Google is working for the other side!

H/T – Mashable, The New York Times