Michael Myers’s Iconic Head Tilt Serves A Specific And Unsettling Purpose

Michael Myers has been terrorizing moviegoers since 1978 when he appeared in the iconic slasher flick, Halloween

Enough fans obsessed over the masked psycho-killer to spawn eight sequels with another on the way on October 19th.

Out of all the successive films from the franchise, no other scene matches one skin-crawling moment from John Carpenter’s original film.  In a horrific death scene, Michael Myers makes a deadbolt out of “Bob” by raising him off the floor and plunging a knife into him on a set of french doors. 

But that’s not the scary part. 

It’s the killer’s unforgettable head tilt, as if in admiration of his work, that continues haunting people to this day. 


Nick Castle, Carpenter’s college buddy who played Myers in 1978 for $25 a day, told Entertainment Weekly how the iconic moment manifested. 

It was a deliberate choice, thanks to the director’s foresight to make audiences squirm in their seats. 

Castle explained:

“I remember the scene vividly.”

“John had me stand and  look at the character, and I was behind the mask, and while the camera’s  rolling he said, ‘Okay, tilt your head to the right, now tilt your head  to the left’.” 

“I had no idea what he was trying to get at until I saw  the movie and I said, ‘Oh, how cool, it looks like I’m admiring my  kill.’ That was John’s kind of inherent talent, coming up with that  idea.”

The head tilt became a visual motif throughout the films. 

The supernatural antagonist doesn’t see human beings. He, or it, sees specimen and is intrigued by them. 

In the new Halloween–which will bring back the character of Laurie Strode played by the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis–71 year-old Castle will not be donning that creepy William Shatner mask for the entire film. 

Stuntman and actor James Jude Courtney will have that honor in the latest sequel directed by David Gordon Green.

But Castle will make a cameo in the role he created in 1978. 

“Nick brought all the mannerisms back,” said Ryan Turek, the vice president of feature film development at Blumhouse Productions. 

He also serves as a co-producer for the latest installment and enthusiastically recalled a fun memory from the set.

Turek recalled:

“There was a great moment when you see Myers from afar, and David was communicating via walkie to an assistant director that was nearby Nick, and he just goes, ‘Tell him to do the Myers head-tilt!’ And two seconds  later, we just see Nick tilt his head.”

“We were like, ‘Oh!’ We got all  chills and goose-bumpy. It was really cool.”

People haven’t stopped talking about that head tilt. 

Early screenings of Halloween already impressed audiences. So much, in fact, that the possibility of another sequel is being discussed. 

Who would take a stab in the director’s chair next? 

Cue #headtilt.

H/T – EW, Twitter