People In The UK Are Not Happy About McDonald’s Latest Menu Omission

It’s a sad day in fast food news. McDonald’s UK has eliminated both toffee and strawberry sundaes from its menu, and fans of the creamy treats are none too pleased, to put it mildly. 

Originally citing sugar content and the government’s nutritional recommendations for the omission, according to LADbible, McDonald’s later retracted their statement, claiming it was an error, and clarifying that the decision boiled down to popularity alone. 

Twitter users had no qualms about letting the fast food giant know how they felt about the menu change.

Many lamented the toffee sundae:

While others mourned the strawberry one:

McDonald’s was sympathetic to the cries of suffering, shock, and outrage from its customer base, but they were also clear that there is no chance of bringing back the items.  

The change comes just as McDonald’s is reintroducing the popular Smarties McFlurry to their menu. Coincidence or not?

H/T: LADbible, Twitter, The Sun