Chris Evans Tweets Parting Words Regarding Beloved ‘Avengers’ Captain America As Final Installment Wraps

Chris Evans, mega-famous for playing Captain America, tweeted a fond farewell to the country last week. He recently finished shooting Avengers 4, and let fans know about his “emotional day” and “eternal gratitude.”

Here’s Captain America signing off, perhaps for the last time: 

After eight years of reprising the role, Evans won’t continue as Captain America following the upcoming sequel to Avengers: Infinity War. 

It’s unclear what’ll happen to the character after he faces-off with Thanos next summer, but Evans seems ready to move on from Marvel’s cinematic universe.

His emotional tweet received an outpouring of love from fans (and Ryan Reynolds).

Lots of folks aren’t ready to see Chris Evans go.

Fans posted heartfelt tributes to Evans for his performances over the years.

Cheer up, everyone!

We’ve still got another HUGE movie starring Evans as Captain America on the way, and maybe he will be good for a cameo in the future. Hopefully, he will teach Thanos a lesson or two on his way out the door.

Thanks for your service, Captain!

H/T: Entertainment Weekly, CNN