A Play About Hillary And Bill Clinton Is Coming To Broadway This Spring With A Stellar Cast

The words of Broadway’s hottest emerging playwright, Lucas Hnath, will be back on Broadway next Spring in a play that’s sure to turn the Great White Way to solid blue.

The play, Hillary and Clinton, features a bewildered Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign as she struggles to stay afloat in Iowa against a fictionalized Barack Obama (referred to in the play as “that other guy”). It echoes some of the themes that recently brought Hnath widespread critical acclaim in A Doll’s House, part II: marriage, misogyny, women’s determination pitted against unfair societal structures, and more. Not to mention, the recently-announced cast is already generating buzz.

Fresh off of an Oscar nomination and multiple Tony wins, national treasure Laurie Metcalf will take on the role of Hillary Clinton. Metcalf won a Tony last year for her portrayal of Nora in A Doll’s House, part II. John Lithgow, whose performance as Winston Churchill on The Crown has wowed audiences, will play her husband Bill.

People are excited to say the least.

Unsurprisingly, because Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned, some still felt the need to inexplicably rage against a woman they don’t know for…not being president…?

But the play seems likely to address Hillary Clinton’s perception and why so many relish hating her.

It’s unclear if Bill and Hillary, avid New York theatergoers in their free time, will be in the audience to see themselves onstage, but they’d better get their tickets quickly. This show looks like it’s ready to sell out.

H/T: The New York Times, Deadline Hollywood