Fans Are Loving Jodie Whittaker As ‘Doctor Who’ Following Her Premiere Episode

Over eight million people in the UK tuned in to watch the premiere of the latest incarnation of Doctor Who—the “best U.K. ratings for a season opener of the series in more than 10 years,” according to The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

Numbers that prove that the first actress ever to play the good Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, has what it takes to make the fan base happy.

Doctor Who‘s series 11 premiered on Sunday night with “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” and featured three companions (Yasmin—a cop, Ryan—an old school chum, and his step-grandfather Graham) whom THR is calling “a callback to the 1963 TARDIS inhabitants.”

For what it’s worth, sharp-eyed fans caught the nods to previous incarnations of the Doctor:

They LOVED Whitaker’s silly serious take on the Doc, comparing her with David Tennant:

For those who missed the historic episode, The Guardian did a full episode recap complete with spoilers. 

But for those short on time, here’s how THR broke down the episode:

 The plot was the most classic Whovian tale possible — aliens are up to no good on Earth (in this case, hunting humans for sport). An array of Brits are drawn in, one is killed, and the Doctor both pokes fun at the big bad alien and gives a righteous speech in defense of Earth.

The fact that the big battle took place atop a Sheffield crane from which, as a sign warned, “falling can cause death,” was also something of a callback . . . recalled the death of the fourth Doctor . . .Tom Baker, who met an infamously ignominious end by falling from similar scaffolding. 

This time, the Doctor survived her leap into the unknown. And her speech to “Tim Shaw” — a laughable name she adopted for a creepy alien who embeds the teeth of his victims in his face — stood as a manifesto for the show, and for us all.

Whitaker fans thumbed their noses at the misogynistic rants of a handful of trolls who charged that the Doctor could only ever be a man:

It even quelled the fears of a few skeptics:

There were those who loved the fact that Whitaker being a woman wasn’t called out or highlighted in the episode:

We only have one question after seeing Whitaker do her stuff—Who’s your Doctor?

H/T: Mashable, The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter