Powerful Photos Reveal The Lasting Scars That Being Struck By Lightening Can Leave On A Person ????

Who knew that, if you get struck by lightning, you can develop scars that look like..well…lightning?

Apparently, this happened to several people who were struck by lightning, and the scars looks like this:


This unique pattern is called “Lichtenberg scarring.”

The scars are named for a German physicist, Professor Georg Lichtenberg, who discovered the pattern the scars leave while researching the decay of high voltage equipment. The patterns appear when high levels of voltage are discharged into insulating materials.

The human body happens to be a giant insulator and lightning happens to be a high source of voltage, so — voilà.

Approximately 84 people are struck by lightning each year. Ten percent of those people die, while 70 percent are left with serious problems, including brain damage and complete personality changes.

The scars remain regardless of the amount of internal damage caused.

Other names for the scars include “lightning flowers” and “skin feathering” and are thought to be caused by the rupture of capillaries under the skin.

The geometric patterns are fascinating — if you forget something so painful caused them.

Note: though these scars may be fascinating, we do not recommend being struck by lightning.

H/T: Indy100, Twitter