Man Explains Why Brett Kavanaugh Is So Triggering For Women With The Perfect Analogy

People online are lauding the efforts of a Twitter user by the name of @JuliusGoat who just posted an analogy for men to try and help them understand why the women in their lives are so triggered by Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. 

The analogy, though not perfect, gets men pretty close to standing in the shoes of their female counterparts and all by invoking the squirrel’s philosophy—protect your nuts.

Okay, you may be saying but this is just the tip . . .uh . . er . . . of the iceberg—but just wait, @JuliusGoat has many more connections to make and all with relevant references to recent misogynistic events:

And Yes, Michael Cohen, Spousal Rape is a Real Thing (*as details in this piece of the same name).

Calling to mind Brock Turner . . .

. . . and an audio tape of a supremely unqualified presidential candidate who once bragged that his fame let him get away with “anything.”

It even includes the circus of mansplaining, excuses and male histrionics that the Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings became during the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before Republicans moved forward with the confirmation of the accused, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Before deftly summing up what men should do about it and admitting his own inability to grok the extent of women’s anger before this “abstract” exercise, and stating that:

  . . . it’s 100% insane that this issue seems to require an analogy to draw a sharper focus on how wrong our society presently is . . .

While MOST people seemed to get and applaud the analogy, with some even adding their own twist on things . . .

. . . others seemed to simply choose to be obtuse (*thankfully, they were in the minority):

If you lack the fortitude to make it all the way through @JuliusGoat’s exercise, perhaps this simple meme will drive the point home for you:

H/T: Twitter, Salon, CBSNews