Online Clothing Company Accused Of Cultural Appropriation Over ‘Geisha’ Costume

Online clothing company Fashion Nova is facing criticism and outrage after releasing their new “Geisha” Halloween costume. The controversy has revived a familiar debate about the ethics of cultural appreciation vs. cultural appropriation during Halloween.

Here’s the offensive costume in question. Is this cultural appropriation? 

Critics have pointed out the costume totally fails to accurately re-create traditional geisha robes. Others seem concerned with the promiscuous nature of the costume, which arguably perpetuates the misconception that all geishas were sex workers. 

Quite a few people expressed disgust at the costume online.

Some mocked the outrage over Fashion Nova’s supposed cultural appropriation.

One Twitter user thought the costume might be inspired by Nicki Minaj’s Chun-Li character, which was also criticized as cultural appropriation.

Obviously, this issue opens up quite the can of worms. 

While there’s nothing wrong with appreciating another culture, things become problematic once elements of that culture are commodified, altered or cheapened for profit.

As many pointed out, it’s probably not worth getting outraged over a Halloween costume. That said, it’s best to avoid wearing any garment that might be considered sacred to a culture you don’t belong to. 

H/T: Indy100, Metro