Robert Redford Pens Post Saying The State Of Politics Has Him Feeling ‘Out Of Place’ In His Own Country

Robert Redford might be a well-known actor, director, and producer, but as of recently, he can’t help but feel “out of place” in this country.

He touched on politics in a recent statement called “A Brief Statement on Big Things” shared on the Sundance Institute’s website on Friday:

“For the first time I can remember, I feel out of place in the country I was born into and the citizenship I’ve loved my whole life.” 

The Sundance Film Festival founder shared his disgust for the aggressive nature and violence of modern politics.

He also said that it is “hard to blame young people for calling us out” and questioned how children and adolescents of the new generation are supposed to be active and involved when given such horrid examples.

“How can we expect the next generation to step up and serve, to be interested in public life, and to aspire to get involved when all we show them is how to spar, attack, and destroy each other?”

Twitter seems to agree with him.

Considering all that has gone on in politics for the past couple of years, many people share the same feelings of disappointment, and no longer belonging and feeling connected to this country.

Redford is urging citizens of the U.S.A. to “be better than our politicians” 

In doing so, the All The President’s Men actor suggests making peace with those who share different opinions than your own. 

He did not name specific politicians, although considering the timing, many believe this could be referring to Brett Kavanaugh, who earned a spot on the Supreme Court despite being accused of sexual assault by multiple women. 

The statement was published the same day Kavanaugh was confirmed:

“Our civil servants have failed us, turning toward bigotry, mean-spiritedness, and mockery as the now-normal tools of the trade.”

People were shocked and saddened upon Kavanaugh being confirmed.

President Donald Trump went on to mock Ford, and the testimony she gave, at a rally in Mississippi. 

Meanwhile, Kavanaugh earned a lifetime seat on the court, with the senators voting a close 50-48 in his favor after a heated and divided battle over his confirmation:

Redford, who plans on retiring now that his new movie The Old Man and the Gun has debuted, hopes people can “focus on each other” and maintain mutual respect despite their differences:

“Let’s focus on each other, and strengthening our communities, and reflecting on what’s happening. Let’s live in justice and respect.”

He ended the statement with a short and simple, but significant message:

“This is our country too. Every woman, man, and child in it, our American future. We’ve got work to do.”