Tiny Gecko Freaks People Out By Making ‘A Bazillion’ Phone Calls From Hawaii Animal Hospital 🦎😂

We’ve all answered random calls with a creepy silence on the other end. But you’d never guess that silent caller would be…a lonely gecko?

Dr. Claire Simeone, Hospital Director at the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center, made a hilarious discovery earlier this week. After following up on a glitch in hospital’s phone system, Simeone identified the unlikely source of the problem.

She busted a tiny gecko making prank calls to hospital staff and patients.

Looks like the tiny reptile accidentally manipulated the phone’s touchscreen and made several dozen calls, causing mass confusion around the hospital. We have SO many questions for this gecko.

Was he desperately trying to reach a relative? Was he simply soaking up warmth from the touchscreen?

Twitter couldn’t get enough of Dr. Simeone apprehending the prankster gecko.

Of course, some couldn’t resist making jokes about a certain insurance company, including Dr. Simeone.

Hawaiian Telecom also joked about the hilarious incident.

Dr. Simeone made sure to promote the important work her hospital does.

Let’s hope that tiny gecko keeps his mischievous antics out of Dr. Simeone’s hospital. Clearly, they have some important work to do!

H/T: Dr. Claire Simeone, Gizmodo