Georgia Woman Follows And Calls Cops On Black Man Who Is Babysitting White Kids

In the time of  “Barbecue Betty” and “Permit Patty,” people continue to be absolute monsters.

Corey Lewis, a man from Cobb County, GA, was followed by a white woman to his mother’s house because he was babysitting two white children.

Lewis is the founder of a community center for children and teens in Cobb County called Inspired by Lewis, which is how he knows David Parker and Dana Mango, who arranged for him to look after their two children several weeks ago.  

The woman reportedly caught sight of them at a local Wal-Mart and from then on became their shadow, until finally calling the police on Lewis.

The kids’ parents were shocked and disgusted when they received the phone call from police.

‰ÛÏI said, ‰Û÷Are you saying that because there‰Ûªs an African American male driving my two white kids that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned?‰Ûª and he said, ‰Û÷I‰Ûªm sorry ma‰Ûªam, that‰Ûªs exactly what I‰Ûªm saying,‰Ûª‰Û Mango said.

Once again, the incident throws the ugly face of prejudice into the limelight.  Not only is Lewis a childcare professional, but he also runs his own company mentoring children.

This mirrors a slew of incidents that happened over the summer in which black people had the police called on them for barbecuing, swimming in their buildings’ pool, taking a nap, and in some instances, killed, for things like driving and or being in their own homes.

When will this be acknowledged as a problem?

H/T: HuffPost, Facebook