Trump Took A Sarcastic Fox News Comment About Protestors As Fact‰ And Twitter Roasted Him For It 😂

President Trump has suggested that people protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court were paid for their efforts. And, in an attempt to further discredit them, he claimed they were now protesting because they were angry about not getting paid.

This comment, however, was based on a sarcastic remark by Fox News…not fact.

Writer Asra Q. Nomani made a crack about sincere protesters. After being asked if Kavanaugh protesters were being paid, she said, ‰ÛÏbecause people have sent me lots of messages that they‰Ûªre waiting for their check, a lot of sincere people are protesting.‰Û

But Trump is not one to easily detect sarcasm.

And Twitter was not about to let that one slide.

Commenters included some well known members of Twitter.

The bottom line is that the lies can’t even hold together.

Get out and vote in the midterm elections so we can end the circus that has taken over our lives.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter