5-Month-Old Baby Set To Become Youngest Person To Visit All 50 U.S. States‰ÛÓAnd Her Parents Have A Final Request ❤️

Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats have been on a tour of the United States with their daughter, Harper, since the little girl was just two months old. Now, three months later, they are on the brink of finishing their tour, and Harper will become a record-setter: the youngest human to ever visit all 50 US states.

The couple hails from Canberra, Australia, but have been living in Canada for the past three years.  While Lim was on maternity leave, the couple were planning a trip down to the U.S.; but once they got going, with little Harper in tow, they thought, “Why not hit all 50 states?”

And thus, this little project was born.

The family plan to wrap up the trip on October 18th, in Vermont, which will be the 50th state on their list.

“Personally, when she looks back and what we achieved, I hope when she looks at the photos and I tell her all the stories, that she can have the confidence that she can do anything,” Cindy said to CBS.

Since they are on the last leg of the tour, Cindy and Tristan have a request for their final state:

“I’d love to hear suggestions on how we could celebrate the achievement.  I feel like we should be doing something cool but I have zero ideas except that it would be cool to meet Bernie Sanders.”

She says to feel free to SPAM Sanders with the request, so, if you’ve got a computer and a retweet button, you know what to do!

H/T: Twitter, CBS