‘South Park’ Just Took A Major Swipe At ‘The Simpsons’ With Surprise Troll Ending 🔥

The Simpsons and South Park have been on the air for a long time (29 years and 21 years respectively). They are both hilarious shows that poke fun at many aspects of politics and pop culture.

At the end of Wednesday’s episode of South Park, the show pointed a huge finger at The Simpsons, calling it out for “bigotry and hate,” and ending with a “#CancelTheSimpsons” hashtag.

The episode, which centered around Mr. Hankey, a talking piece of poop that wears a Santa Hat, also satirized the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and Roseanne Barr (specifically her blaming racist comments made toward Valerie Jarrett on the sleep medication Ambien), and ended with a cameo appearance by Apu, a Simpsons character often noted as an example of poor stereotyping and outright racism.

Watch below:

The internet is unsure how to receive this call out.  Was it serious, or was it just South Park being South Park?

Satire is as fluid as it is powerful‰ÛÓit is hard to call out whether or not the satire is truly trying to prove a point, or if it’s just making fun of its target with no expected repercussions. One of the beauties of working in satire is that you don’t have to explain which choice you are making, you just have to make a strong choice, which is clearly what Trey Parker and Matt Stone were doing with this ending.

Has South Park given itself a new hashtag for this season?

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter