The ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Screenwriters Finally Addressed Those Nic Cage, David Bowie Casting Rumors

Lord of the Rings writers Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh gave an interview at New York Comic-Con and were asked about the rumors swirling that Nicolas Cage could have been cast as Aragorn ‰ÛÓ and it turns out it was a possibility.

Boyens said:

It could well be [true]. We loved him. I remember we saw … I can‰Ûªt remember, there were a couple films that came out around that time, but he‰Ûªs an amazing actor.

There was a point at which I know there was a drive for name actors in certain roles, and that may have been something more [handled by] the studio.

And what about David Bowie? Could he have been in the series? It was a possibility but it seems the studio couldn’t get past his role as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. 

Walsh explained:

I don‰Ûªt think the studio were that keen at that point, so we never did meet with him.

I remember that conversation. There was a little hesitancy there because Elrond and the Goblin King. I mean, you know, elves.

We may not see Cage or Bowie but people are still excited about the new Lord of the Rings series coming to Amazon.

But without Nicholas Cage is it even worth watching?