Determined Man Tries To Buy An Already Sold Pool Table, Makes The Owner An Offer He Can’t Refuse 😂

Everyone has been there; haggling for that necklace at a street fair, or constantly hitting refresh on an ebay page to make sure you don’t get outbid on that old iPhone model. Well, little did Jon know that his wobbly old pool table would set off a bonafide bidding war.

It started innocently enough…

But things quickly escalated…

Then… food entered the equation and it all quickly heated up…

Jon started to feel torn…

Victory seemed to be in sight…

And for a moment it seemed that all may be lost…

But the country crisps proved to be the deciding factor…


People on Imgur were delighted with this story:

Ok ok this was the best post ive ever seen on imgur. + all the 1ssssss



This made my day! I read it in the shower huehue


This was beautiful, the back and forth, the “like new Crisps”, this was just fantastic


Legit cried laughing at this hahahahaha


Good story. 20/10 (plus a box of country crisp) would recommend



And some people even hoped a new friendship was formed through this experience:

i wish they were sharing a bowl of cereal too


I hope a beautiful friendship blossomed from this.


We hope so too!

And we learned an important lesson: When in doubt, offer food.

H/T: Imgur, Independent