Miss Ukraine 2018 Stripped Of Her Title After Committee Finds Out She Violated Their Rules

A few weeks ago Veronika Didusenko was crowned 2018’s Miss Ukraine. But she was soon stripped of her title for violating their rules. What rules, you might ask? She was previously married and she has a child. Apparently, Miss Ukraine cannot have been married, nor can she be a mother.

Didusenko told BBC:

In the 21st Century [the rules] are so discriminatory. They were written in 1951, 70 years ago, when even racial segregation was a norm.

Whereas Viktoria Kiose, the executive director of the pageant, responded…

This is a very unfortunate story. She signed the contract, and agreed to its conditions. She flouted the rules and lied to us, so we disqualified her.

Then Veronika took to Instagram to address the controversy directly.

The caption reads:

My name is Veronika. Not such a long time ago I was wearing a crown of Miss Ukraine 2018, a crown which would allow me to represent my country at the Miss World contest in China. I wanted to tell the world a unique story of my country ‰ÛÒ home of truly heroic and freedom-loving people. Yet, my right to represent my country on the global scene was taken away from me because of the rules written 70 years ago. The archaic rules which ban mothers from the Miss Ukraine contest. The discriminatory rules which were written when racial segregation was still the norm. Worldwide the number of girls who participate in this contest amounts to millions. Millions of women are allowed to participate only if they don‰Ûªt have children. In 2018 this is simply not right. This discrimination on the grounds of motherhood must end. This indirect encouragement of abortion must end. I AM LAUNCHING A FUNDRAISING COMPAIGN [sic] to deliver this message globally. With your help I will take the fight for the abolition of this disgraceful prehistoric rule to every major global capital. Time to stand up for a women‰Ûªs right not to be punished for being a mother. We must eliminate the last remaining rule which discriminates against women with children. #righttobeamother

People criticized the antiquated rules.

The situation also prompted a debate about rules and whether they’re meant to be broken.

But most felt the rules needed to be tossed out rather than Didusenko’s crown.

Hopefully the rules will be changed for future contestants.

H/T: People, Instagram, Twitter