People Are Irate About The Tone Deaf Name Of A Cocktail At An Australian Bar And We Can Totally See Why

Little Jack Horner is a bar in Sydney Australia.

It’s not a huge brand and it’s not owned by any major celebrities. You probably would never have even heard of it, had the bar not opted to go with a “unique” name for one of its drinks.

And by “unique,” we mean totally divisive and controversial, of course. 

It takes a lot for a drink name to be controversial enough that it becomes internet-infamous, but this one did it.

The drink isn’t being promoted or anything like that. It was just listed innocently among the other drink names on the menu. The cocktail is a citrusy mix made with tequila, and the bar decided a little bit of word play was in order.

Rather than just call the drink tequila, they called it “To Kill Her.” 

Nope, you did not read that wrong.

In a time when people are bringing attention to cases where alcohol is involved in physical or sexual assault, and in a country with a shockingly high domestic violence rate‰ÛÓthe bar called a drink “To Kill Her.”

The tone-deaf award goes to…


Everyone got the word play attempt, and certainly no one thinks the bar was actually advertising that the drink would kill women or should be used if you’re trying to kill women.

But you have to admit, it is in pretty poor taste. 

People complained on social media. The bar’s Facebook page was flooded with people chastising the establishment over it.

 One comment in particular had people talking.  

Kristy Marshall/Facebook


News of the controversy hit Twitter, where people are pretty divided. 

Some don’t think it’s a big deal at all. 

But others are stunned that nobody shut this idea down since it is so clearly a bad one, as far as they are concerned.

While one person pointed out that a clever play on words that actually sounds closer to tequila‰ÛÓTo Kill Ya‰ÛÓwould have avoided controversy or bad taste.

In response to the backlash, the bar re-named the drink “To Love Her” … but is that actually better or worse?

What gives with needing “Her” in the name Little Jack Horner‰Û_

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