Samuel L. Jackson Asks Fans, “What The F&%k Are You Waiting For?” Regarding November’s Elections

With just over three weeks to go until the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats are making their final push in hopes of riding the Blue Wave back to power in Congress. 

During such a crucial election, every bit of help counts. 

So Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson found his own unusual way to lend a hand to two candidates in important swing districts.  

While the candidates are out campaigning Jackson is at their homes doing chores, waiting for the cable guy, even cleaning up kitty litter. 

“I’d do anything to help” Jackson says, so “What the f**k are you waiting for,” he asked his 7.5 million Twitter followers. 

On Tuesday Jackson posted two campaign ads supporting Colin Allred and Angie Craig, candidates running for congressional seats in Texas’ 32nd and Minnesota’s 2nd districts. 

In the ads Jackson visits the candidates homes where he waits for the cable guy and cleans cat litter because the Allred and Craig are too busy campaigning. 

The spots were a collaboration with Swing Left, a political group working to “take back the House” in November. 

As part of the effort Jackson and Swing Left are encouraging voters to register, volunteer, vote and “do anything” during the final weeks of the campaign to give Democrats the boost they need. 

Voters seemed pretty pumped by Jackson’s message. 

And many thanked him for lending his voice to the campaign effort. 

While others echoed his message, telling voters to vote, volunteer and do anything to help put Democrats back in control come November. 

With only three weeks left until the election it’s time for voters to get to work. 

H/T – Newsweek, HuffPost