Someone Put Googly Eyes On A Monument In Georgia‰—But Officials Say It’s ‘No Laughing Matter’ ????

Historic monuments in America have ignited controversy over the last couple years. Last week, some merry prankster took a more lighthearted approach when humorously defacing a statue of Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War hero.

But city officials in Savannah, Georgia, said the prank was no laughing matter.

To be fair, Nathanael Greene doesn’t deserve the same kind of ridicule as Robert E Lee or any Confederate leader who fought for the right to keep slaves. And while this was undeniably funny, city officials cautioned that vandalizing public property is illegal.

But still! 

Googley eyes rule. Twitter thinks the vandal actually IMPROVED the monument.

One Twitter user made a pretty good point about Nathanael Greene’s slave ownership.

Sadly, a lot of people mistook Greene’s statue as a confederate monument.

Alright, so apparently Twitter needs a history lesson. Nathanael Greene died a hundred years before the confederacy was formed.

Still, some imagined a world where all confederate statues had googley eyes.

Regardless of the politics involved, most agree googley eyes are just plain awesome. 

Now, where was that Christopher Columbus statue?

H/T: HuffPost, The Hill