A BBC Subtitles Error During Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Had The Internet Blushing ????

From the gown to the sermons to the spectacular hats, any royal wedding should be a paragon of class executed seamlessly by a royal family that doesn’t let the public see it sweat.

Or, at least that’s what’s supposed to happen in theory; sometimes a tiny mishap becomes one of the best moments of the ceremony.

Though the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, earlier this year undoubtedly received the most attention, the recent wedding of Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Brooksbank, her partner of seven years, was by no means a small event. With royal grandeur and — of course — some fabulous hats, it was everything expected of a fairy tale.

And though the couple looked stunning, the BBC’s subtitles seemed to get a little *ahem* specific with its compliments.

Though a commentator for the event praised Princess Eugenie’s “beautiful dress,” the subtitles — which were most likely auto-generated — commended the Princess for her “beautiful breasts,” going on to say, “absolutely fitting her.”

Twitter had some thoughts.

The mess-up introduced some to the British phrase “making a boob.”

The subtitles may have been a royal blunder but the rest of the wedding was the stuff of dreams. Princess Eugenie and Mr. Brooksbank seem like they’ll live happily ever after and the BBC will keep its automated subtitles more abreast with context.

H/T: Mashable, The Guardian