Foo Fighters Blown Away By 10-Year-Old’s Impressive Metallica Guitar Riffs—And We Can See Why 😮

Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters might have a new band member….10-year-old Collier Cash Rule from Kansas City!

We don’t know why Collier was invited on stage by Grohl last weekend, but he didn’t shrink from the moment. In fact, he rocked the moment — playing several flawless riffs of classic Metallica songs to a packed arena.

This kid can shred! 

Grohl probably just inspired him to grow up and be a rock star. 

Grohl ended up gifting one of the band’s guitars to the talented young man.

But he jokingly warned Collier not to list it on eBay.

The internet loves Dave Grohl, and this adorable clip inspired fans worldwide.

Bravo, Collier! It must be intimidating to play in front of thousands of people, but he demonstrated impressive skill and poise on stage. 

Perhaps he’ll be featured on the next Foo Fighters album? Make it happen, internet! 

H/T: Mashable, Rolling Stone