Georgia Sen. David Perdue Snatches Phone Out Of Student’s Hand Over Voter Suppression Question

Republican senator David Perdue grabbed a phone out of a student’s hand just for asking him a question—and people are fired up about it.

The incident occurred this weekend at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta where the Senator was attending an event to show his support for Republican gubernational nominee Brian Kemp.

According to HuffPost, Kemp recently came under scrutiny when the Associated Press reported that prior to the midterm elections, his office suppressed 53,000 voter registrations—70 percent of them belonging to African Americans.

When a student, and member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), approached Perdue at the event to ask how he could support someone accused of voter suppression, the Senator quickly snatched the phone out of his hand saying:

No, I’m not doing that.

The student—who captured the incident on video and later posted it on Twitter—can be heard asking for his phone back several times as the Senator says, “You wanted a picture. I’m going to give it to you” before handing back the phone.

YDSA has subsequently condemned the Senator’s actions: 


Here is the video via YouTube:

Commenters online were angered by the Senator’s actions: 

Many pointed out how things would’ve been different had the roles been reversed:

The Senator’s office later called the incident a “misunderstanding.”

In a statement, they said:

The senator clearly thought he was being asked to take a picture, and he went to take a selfie as he often does.

But no one on Twitter seemed to agree:

Some commenters made pointed comments about the irony of the Senator’s behavior based on how conservatives often characterize liberals:

Hopefully, the backlash will cause Senator Perdue to think twice before grabbing someone else’s property in the future.

In summation, Twitter users Bindle Williams and Jack Newman offer these thoughts:

H/T: indy100, HuffPost, YouTube, Twitter