‘Star Wars’ Comics Writer Claims He Was Fired For ‘Vulgar’ Tweets Aimed At Conservative Fandom

Chuck Wendig was a Star Wars comics writer and novelist. We say “was” because he was fired this past Friday for tweets the company felt were too vulgar. It began after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

In a since deleted tweet, Wendig said in response:


The tweet reads:

Winter is coming, you callous fucknecks, you prolapsed assholes, you grotesque monsters, you racists and rapists and wretched abusers, you vengeful petty horrors.

After his firing, Wendig took to Twitter to speak out further:

He elaborated:

He apologized to other artists who worked on the upcoming Star Wars book:

Before turning back to politics:

And warranted anger at the state of affairs:

He referenced “Comicsgate” — conservative trolls targeting comic book writers and artists who push to diversify the medium.

And he offered this conclusion:

And this important footnote:

Wendig has a long history of being harassed by conservatives, which he mentioned in separate tweets.

Fans and colleagues were furious on Wendig’s behalf:

And some had questions:

Marvel has yet to comment on the firing.

H/T: BuzzFeed News, Twitter