Trump’s Tweet About Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Has People Livid—And For Good Reason

On Sunday, October 14, President Donald Trump surprised many by tweeting his congratulations to Princess Eugenie on her nuptials in England. In the well-intentioned tweet, he said she looked beautiful and left some scratching their heads by referencing past hardships.

Trump actually made a small error right off the bat—the wedding was on Friday, not the day before (Saturday) as he claimed. That’s an easy fact-check one might think the President would check with someone before tweeting out, but ultimately a minor detail.

Many also took issue with his claim that Princess Eugenie had been through “so much,” when, in the grand scheme of things, she has been born with an enormous amount of privilege (though, of course, all people have their own burdens to bear).

Most people responding to Trump, however, were wondering why he’s focused on Princess Eugenie’s wedding while the Florida panhandle is struggling to recover from Hurricane Michael. 

With 18 dead, experts are predicting the recovery process will be long and difficult for those whose homes were in the path of the hurricane.

Meanwhile, many on  Twitter feel Trump’s attention is on other things:

Though far less harmful than his insulting or disparaging tweets, many around the world were confounded by Trump’s tweet, its timing, and its seeming lack of perspective.

One British Twitter user seemed to sum up the U.K.’s feelings pretty succinctly: you’ve got better things to be focusing on, President Trump.

H/T – Indy 100, The Telegraph