Apple Had To Redesign Their New Bagel Emoji After Complaints From New Yorkers 😂

Bagel and emoji lovers everywhere can breath a sigh of relief today. After cries of disappointment, especially from New Yorkers, Apple has redesigned its forthcoming bagel emoji.

The only problem is that most people still don’t like it.

On New York Magazine’s food blog Grub Street, writer Nikita Richardson described the let down New Yorkers felt upon seeing the original design for the highly anticipated bagel emoji, which is part of the beta version of Apple’s iOS 12.1 and not yet available for public consumption.

Richardson said: 

This is an emoji that New Yorkers and bagel lovers around the world have been expecting for a long time and the disappointment is truly overwhelming. Take a look at this clearly machine-cut monstrosity with its stiff and bready interior, which couldn’t possibly be redeemed by a few minutes in a toaster.

Heeding consumer concerns, Apple decided to step up their game, adding cream cheese to their plain bagel emoji.

Jeremy Burge, Chief Emoji Officer at Emojipedia, spread the good news in a series of tweets:

And some commenters agreed it was an improvement:

But many more were still left feeling unsatisfied: 

Some Twitter users offered suggestions for further improvement:

Not everyone was down for the bagel banter:

Good thing Apple hasn’t yet gone live with it’s bagel emoji. They still have a chance to tweak their design a bit more:

H/T: Mashable, Twitter, Grub Street