Head Of Mrs. America Pageant Under Fire For Using Racial Slurs—Claims He’s Victim Of ‘Reverse Racism’

Mrs. America contestants Kimberly Phillips, Brandy Palacios, Crissy Timpson, and Jeri Ward, along with their attorney Gloria Allred, held a news conference and accused president and CEO of the pageant, David Marmel, of making offensive and racist remarks. 

Phillips, Palacios, and Timpson, were present for the conversation in which Marmel made disparaging comments about African-Americans, while Ward overheard the conversation from a different table. The women say that Marmel launched into a lecture on how all black men are incarcerated for either killing each other or selling drugs. He also doled out the advice that black women need to stop having babies with multiple partners.  

For his part, Marmel told NBC News:

An exchange of perspective is a good thing there was nothing subjective about the conversation, it was review of the total experience of the life of David Marmel. 

Marmel went on to explain that he wasn’t racist, because he hired a black staff for the Black Achievement Awards and was once invited to dinner by the NAACP with the family of Martin Luther King. Jr. in order to be thanked for all he did for the black community,.

People on social media did not seemed surprised by Marmel’s actions.

Perhaps Marmel needs to…

This Facebook user explains  the whole “reverse racism” thing well:

Well said.

H/T: Buzzfeed, NBC