Homophobic Troll’s Hate-Filled Comment Aimed At ‘Elite’ Gets Drowned Out By Netflix In The Best Way ❤

Netflix is showing haters that they’ve got nothing but ❤️ and for their anti-LGBTQ+ nonsense.

On Sunday, the streaming service posted a hot couple pic on its Instagram account promoting the release of Elite. The much-hyped and hotly-anticipated Spanish teen series has been drawing comparisons to juicy teen dramas like Riverdale and Gossip Girl, and the haters came out in full force.

And while many couldn’t wait to watch the new show, these trolls are stuck in the wayback with a tired and archaic viewpoint of life, love, and relationships.

The haters were last seen clutching their pearls over Netflix‘s same-sex Insta post depicting the budding romance between Elite’s Ander, played by Arón Piper, and Omar, played by Omar Ayuso, as the duo leans in for a kiss.

The caption reads: 

The only thing I want is to be with you. #Omander 

Similar scenes featuring hetero characters are commonplace and draw not an ounce of ire from the knuckle-draggers, but Netflix found that photos of same-sex couples bring out the homophobes in full force. Luckily, Netflix does not play that way and one particularly harsh comment inspired them to clap back in the very best fashion.

They responded to the hateful remark with a cluster of rainbow emojis surrounding the words:

  Sorry couldn’t read your comment while surrounded by all these beautiful rainbows. 

You can see it yourself below:

The firm yet positive response was a hit with fans and LGBTQ media outlets including Out magazine, PinkNews, LGBTQ Nation, and PFLAG.

A rainbow of supporters showed up for Netflix’s stance and the ideal that “love is love.

The Spanish language series premiered October 5 and takes on a variety of social issues unapologetically. It’s breaking new ground for a teen show—enough to be called “your new trashy Euro teen soap obsession” by Vogue.

As Sam Prance of PopBuzz noted:

The [Ander and Omar] romance is particularly important. First things first, it represents gay love in a way that feels honest (it does not shy away from including gay sex scenes like many series and films do). 

Prance pointed out how the series is breaking cultural and religious barriers, illustrating that “all LGBTQ+ experiences vary.”

The trolls managed to bring awareness to the show, rallying folks who may never have watched it and creating a call for a second season:

Once again, love wins!


H/T: HuffPost, Instagram