Richard Linklater’s Newest Anti-Ted Cruz Ad Skewers Cruz For His Bizarre Love Of White Castle ????

Richard Linklater is the filmmaker behind some seriously iconic and well-loved movies. Because of him, we have Slackers, Boyhood, Dazed And Confused, Before Sunset, School of Rock and so much more. Linklater is also a native-born Texan who’s pretty tired of Ted Cruz. So what do you get when you combine a filmmakers resources and creativity with that classic Texan “feistiness”?

You get hilariously awkward anti-Ted-Cruz ads that are totally willing to get petty. The most recent one goes after Ted Cruz’s self-professed love of White Castle. Now, normally the kind of food a politician eats isn’t something that comes up while they’re campaigning. Spoiler Alert: It’s 2018 and there is no normal anymore. Ted Cruz has taken a page from Trump101 and decided to go low and use little nicknames. Except, ya know, he’s new at this and he’s Canadian so they don’t exactly have the same short-and-sweet zing that Trump’s names do. “Lyin’ Ted” – for example – is easy to remember, short enough to print on a cheaply made hat, and focused on something that most people agree is bad; lying.

Ted has taken to referring to his opponent, Beto O’Rourke, as a “Triple Meat Whataburger Liberal.” According to Ted, that means he totally can’t be in touch with Texan values. Personally, we’d take “triple meat” as a compliment and we don’t really know what liking Whataburger has to do with anything, but we’re not Texan. Neither is Ted. Beto was born there but whatever, not important as far as Ted’s concerned.  Ted flung his whataburger “insult” a few times and the world just kept right on pretending it made sense.

Enter Richard Linklater, probably like this: 

Linklater released an ad talking about the Whataburger insult. Well, really the ad points out that it makes no sense – particularly coming from Ted Cruz. Cruz has proclaimed himself a White Castle guy – but there are no White Castles even IN the state of Texas! So if you’re going to act like someone can’t be a real Texan because of the burgers they like, maybe you should like a burger they actually HAVE in Texas? Or, ya know, just don’t even mention it since it’s a super asinine thing to hone in on. Just sayin…

Here’s the ad: 

Twitter has responded as expected; with a buffet of laughter emojis. 

The ads are pretty funny, but this guy’s got a point. All burgers are beautiful.

H/T: Twitter, YouTube, UpRoxx