Tweet Lamenting Kids Growing Up In The Era Of Netflix Sparks A Spot On Conversation About The TV Days Of Yore ????

Just the other day, a group of us sat down with our kids and explained for the hundreth time that we can not and do not control what gets played on live TV or on the radio. None of us are delusional enough to believe that was the last time we will have to explain it.

Younger people just don’t seem to grasp the idea of programming that they are not in total control of. Everything for them has always been an on-demand, instant gratification kind of thing.

The closest they’ve come to anything else has been waiting for a new episode of Steven Universe or Halloween Wars to come out – and when that’s happened they just decide not to start watching until they can binge watch it all. You should have seen their faces when we explained that even Netflix didn’t used to be Netflix.

In the beginning, it was DVDs that came in the mail; so you still had to wait and what you got was just a movie or two.

They had no idea streaming media didn’t happen until almost a decade after Netflix launched.  Waiting is just not a thing in their worlds. In other words, they’re so used to Netflix that they have no chill.

It’s not just the young people we know, though. If Twitter is to be believed, this is a rampant issue. It’s not just that it’s annoying, though… we “elder” viewers kind of feel like the youngsters are missing out on some of the classic experience. One woman tweeted about it, and Twitter took that ball and ran with it.

Here’s her initial Tweet: 

And the nostalgia train left the station full speed. 

Commercial breaks were productive times back in the day.

Not everybody gets it, though… and that’s okay. 

R.I.P to all the things we broke trying to get back. 

Do you miss this stuff or are you thrilled to have the Netflix era upon us. Let us know!

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