Visitors Appalled After Ohio Haunted House Employees Allegedly ‘Mock Raped’ Them

An Ohio company is coming under fire after one of their actors incorporated “rape scenes” into the mix of their macabre Halloween houses. So far, two people have come forward saying they entered the haunted houses only to be pushed down and subjected to rape reenactments.   

Ryan Carr told Fox 8 News that while visiting Akron Fright Fest, he was pushed down onto a bed by one of the actors. Carr’s girlfriend spoke up and questioned the man saying, “What are you doing? That’s my boyfriend.” 

The actor replied, “Not anymore, he’s mine now I’m going to rape him.” He then started thrusting his genitals against Carr.

Another Mom told Fox 8 Cleveland that her teenage son had a similar experience. She said:

He was with a group of friends going through the three non-waiver houses. He said he was thrown onto a mattress by some guy in a pig mask. The guy was ‘humping’ him, demanded he squeal like a pig and then forcefully took his legs and was trying to pull them apart. … I work with rape patients from time to time and this is inappropriate. This is not something that belongs in a haunted house.

The owner of the fright houses, Melanie Lake Incorporated, said they are shocked and appalled, and they put the offending actors on temporary leave. 

They also took to Facebook to update and clarify the difference between waiver houses and non-waiver houses: 

** Public service announcement **

Their are a lot of misinformed people with negative comments about things they have no idea what you’re talking about and we want to set the record straight

1. We have 3 all age haunted houses that are excellent haunted houses suitable for all ages – highly detailed with state of the art animated props and live actors. $25 admission for all 3 and definitely worth the price.

2. We have 3 waiver adult only haunted houses which we combined into one waiver experience due to the long lines of these adult oriented attractions / we post a sign and make everybody read the sign and everything that will happen inside of the waiver haunt before they purchased a ticket the waiver haunt is for adrenaline junkie’s who live for horror movies haunted houses and extreme sports we combine all three!!!

In the adult haunted houses we give everybody a SafeWord the actors are all trained on how to properly operate this attraction the only legitimate complaint we got was from somebody who did not believe the sign and everything we do inside of the haunted house however he could’ve used his safe word at any point to stop the haunted house and chose not to

Finally – we are getting a lot of comments about things that are not even happening here. I refuse at this point to continue answering everyone individually so this will be a blanket post to everybody you can choose what you believe but I would not believe most of these negative posts – most of these posts are from other haunted house workers or other haunted houses who are upset because we have the areas only extreme haunted house / I seen one post from somebody who wanted their money back because They didn’t realize the waiver haunted house was real until they walked over there they refuse to go through and now I see them posting a whole bunch of things about the waiver haunted house that they were never even inside of and asking other people to leave us negative comments and reviews because they were upset we would not refund her money because they were too afraid to go through

We are a professional waterpark and business who does a lot for our community and I assure you everything that happens inside of the waiver haunted house is professional safe and in a controlled environment

We encourage you to check out our main 3 all age haunted houses every Friday and Saturday in October from 7 PM to midnight and for those of you who need a little something extra in life we have our full contact adult haunted house

People on social media were horrified. 

Still, some couldn’t grasp the difference between a fantasy zombie-like murderous boogie man and brutal crimes that happen in real life every day. 

Others felt it was simply another reflection of our time. 

Both complaints of simulated rape came from males. So far, it seems, the actor targeted just men. We can only hope the actor will soon be fired so this won’t happen again.

H/T: Raw Story, Fox 8