Michael Moore Has Someone In Mind Who He Thinks Would Crush Trump In 2020

Michael Moore has never made it a secret that he loathes Donald Trump. As far as Moore is concerned, Trump is an egotistical entertainer and failed businessman whose need for attention and ratings led him to run for President, a position for which he was highly unqualified. Moore believes his win was invalid and, more dangerous, has convinced Trump he deserves to be President and has caused his ego to explode unchecked. Moore also believes that we need more than just another politician to beat Trump in 2020.

Moore thinks it will take someone with incredible charisma, someone who appeals to people all across the nation, someone who people already rally behind. Moore says people need “a beloved American” if Trump is going to be unseated in 2020. He even has one in mind.

This beloved American:

Michael Moore is convinced that if there is a single person who people of any party can get behind and who has a shot at trumping Trump, it’s Tom Hanks. 

He told the Good Morning Britain viewers:

Who doesn’t like Tom Hanks? Nobody, right? Tom Hanks would win.

Moore is so serious about this that he’s actually asked Tom to run for president…repeatedly. Tom has declined each time. 

Twitter heard the news and can’t decide if it’s a good idea or a terrible one but, like Moore said, people love him. 

There’s very little chance it’ll actually happen, but we are fully prepared to shout “Run, Forrest, Run!” at any and all rallies should the need arise. 

H/T: YouTube, Twitter, Huffington Post